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Trump’s State of the Union, James Brown and Facebook: Tuesday’s news

Trump's State of the Union, James Brown and Facebook: Tuesday's news

After weeks of bitter drama and a cancellation, President Donald Trump’s State of the Union is finally here. Meanwhile, the clock’s ticking for Congress to prevent another shutdown by Feb. 15.

It’s Ashley Shaffer, here to give you a quick look at everything to know before tonight’s big speech (plus other news, of course).

But first, whoah: A mountain lion in Colorado attacked a man from behind and bit him in the face before he suffocated the lion in self-defense. 😲

Wait, shouldn’t it be a ‘humans wall’?

Hours before the SOTU, Trump floated the idea of a “human wall” on the border if Democrats refuse to fund his, uh, non-human wall. “We will build a Human Wall if necessary. If we had a real Wall, this would be a non-event,” Trump tweeted Tuesday. The Pentagon said over the weekend it would deploy around 3,750 additional U.S. forces to the southwest border, raising the number of troops there to about 4,350.

Now back to the State of the Union

The State of the Union starts at 9 p.m. ET. You can watch it on all the major networks. We’ll livestream the speech on our site and social, too. Before you grab your popcorn, here’s a (short) list of what you should look for during Trump’s speech:

  1. Nancy Pelosi: Our eyes will be on the House speaker. Her eyes will (probably) be side-eying Trump. The Democratic leader refused to give Trump $5.7 billion for his ‘”immoral” wall during the last shutdown. She’ll sit right behind the president, next to Vice President Mike Pence.
  2. Border security: Look for Trump to try to rally Americans around his proposed border wall, the funding for which Democrats vowed to block. Trump has said there’s “a good chance” he’ll declare a national emergency to secure wall funds without Democrats’ approval.
  3. Economy: Trump is almost certain to highlight the economy and recent jobs numbers, topics he touts as a central accomplishment of his administration. But the economy took a beating during the shutdown. 
  4. What’s next The State of the Union acts as a way for the president to tell Congress what his agenda holds. Besides immigration, look for Trump to touch on the fight against ISIS and his work reforming the judicial system with a large number of conservative judges. 

Beyond Trump’s podium

  • Clapping back for the Dems: Stacey Abrams, who lost a tough governor’s race in Georgia last fall, will give Democrats’ response to Trump’s SOTU.
  • On Trump’s guest list: A Delaware boy bullied for his “Trump” name will be a guest of the president and first lady. Parents of Tyler Trent, whose battle with cancer inspired the nation, will also be in attendance.
  • Seeing white? Democratic women are expected to wear white – a nod to the women’s suffrage movement and their hopes to improve women’s economic security.

An officer shot a black security guard. The video is chilling.

Newly released footage shows chaos after a white Chicago police officer shot an African-American security guard outside a nightclub in November. Security guard Jemel Roberson, licensed to carry a firearm, was subduing an alleged gunman outside a bar when officer Ian Covey arrived and shot Roberson to death. Emblazoned across Roberson’s clothing? The word “security.” 

An exploding vape pen, James Brown and ‘Modern Family’: The rest of the news 

  • Was James Brown murdered? More than a dozen people suspect he did not die of natural causes.
  • A Texas man died after a vape pen exploded, severing his artery.
  • Facebook Messenger now lets you unsend messages, if you act within 10 minutes.
  • ‘I’m not racist’: Liam Neeson appeared on “Good Morning America” to address his statement on seeking to kill a black person for revenge.
  • After 11 seasons, ‘Modern Family’ is ending in 2020.
  • In a sex abuse case involving a 67-year-old man, a Kansas judge said that young girls, 13 and 14, were “more an aggressor.”

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