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‘Ranch girl’ Hanna Kinney interrupts Kirsten Gillibrand Iowa event

'Ranch girl' Hanna Kinney interrupts Kirsten Gillibrand Iowa event

With the state’s first-in-the-nation status, Iowans take caucusing very seriously. 

But there’s something they take even more seriously: Ranch.

In a now-iconic video, University of Iowa student Hanna Kinney did the state proud by showing her love for the ubiquitous dressing that Iowans drizzle on just about anything.

On Monday evening, U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand stopped at the Airliner, a popular bar and restaurant in Iowa City, known for its love of all things Hawkeyes, as part of a President’s Day caucus visit.

At the same time, Kinney, a 22-year-old senior, was at the restaurant to help lead her weekly Bible Study, eat some pizza and indulge in her born-and-bred love of homemade ranch.

“Homemade ranch is more common here,” Kinney said in an interview.

Kinney was sitting upstairs at the two-level restaurant and bar when, unbeknownst to her, the presidential hopeful sat in a booth downstairs surrounded by a gaggle of caucusgoers.

When Kinney’s pizza came in, there was no ranch in sight. Immediately, she knew she needed some. The Airliner makes some good ranch, she said.

“It’s fresh. It’s not from a bottle,” Kinney said. “It’s definitely creamy. It’s definitely a thicker type of ranch. It’s a neutral type of vibe that pairs really well in pizza.”

She went downstairs and found a mob of people surrounding her beloved condiment.

Thinking about turning around, Kinney stood her ground.

Seeing the crowd, Kinney figured: “I might as well go all the way.”

At first, she didn’t know who was speaking or the significance of the event. Kinney tried to make her way through the crowd when she noticed some looks from the group, which happened to be made up of caucusgoers, political aficionados and national media.

She wasn’t trying to cut lines, take a selfie or get in front of any live shots. But she had a mission and had to let folks know:  

“Sorry, I’m just going to get some ranch.”

Kinney found some of the special sauce and returned upstairs to her group of friends who exclaimed, “Yes, a queen!”

After that, she went about her day like normal.

It wasn’t until later that night that she learned that her simple line was captured by DJ Judd of CNN and was garnering major views on the internet.

Now, even Gillibrand is offering to buy Kinney a slice or two the next time she’s in the state.

“Sen. Gillibrand will never stand between a Midwesterner and their side of ranch, especially when it’s served up with the Airliner’s famous pizza,” said Rachel Irwin, Gillibrand’s Iowa communications director. “We thank the hundreds of Iowans who came out to hear Sen. Gillibrand in Iowa City and have some fun along the way.”

And as for who Kinney’s going to caucus for in 2020? The sociology, communications and philosophy student said she hasn’t had time to study up on the candidates as she’s busy with graduate school interviews and working as a resident assistant.

But her newfound fame? She wants to represent Iowa the best she can — and even changed her Twitter name to “Hanna Kinney (Ranch Girl).”

“I was born and raised here,” Kinney said. “I hope I do Iowa proud.”

And to the people making fun of her need for ranch on social media?

“All of these people have not had a good ranch,” she said.

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