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Dylan Moses breaks down Batman vs. Spiderman

Dylan Moses breaks down Batman vs. Spiderman

Media day for the college football national championship likely will never match the zaniness and spectacle of Super Bowl media day. 

But Saturday’s session for the Alabama-Clemson title game on Monday did have its moments. And a few of them were courtesy of Alabama linebacker Dylan Moses.

At one point, he was asked to explain who would win a super-hero fight between Batman and Spiderman. His answer sounded almost as if he had considered the question before:

“I feel like Batman would probably win that battle,”  the 6-3, 233-pound sophomore from Baton Rouge, La., said according to the official transcript, “mainly because he’s very intelligent, he has a lot of gadgets.

“Spiderman has strength and spiderwebs. But I don’t feel like that can match up against Batman’s gadgets and whatnot.”

Another time, Moses was asked, “Off the top of your head, what do you love?”

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His answer: “Chocolate. Probably chocolate caramel.”


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