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‘Anything is better than Hue’

'Anything is better than Hue'

Baker Mayfield is self-aware — that’s for sure.

The Browns quarterback joined Cooper Manning (the forgotten Manning brother) for a Fox NFL segment on Sunday, “The Manning Hour,” and the mock cooking show essentially turned into a 2.5-minute roast battle.

They waited little time to get a shot in at former Browns coach Hue Jackson. 

The exchange went like this — bonus points for the Freddie Kitchens puns:

Manning: Look, if you’re not a fan of kitchens, it’s OK.

Mayfield: Nah, I love kitchens.

Manning: Yeah, kitchens are great. They’re better than Jacksons.

Mayfield: Anything is better than Hue oh, um, you.

Subtle. Please, NFL teams, someone hire Hue Jackson so this feud can continue.

Manning also got some jabs in about the Browns’ record and Lamar Jackson.



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