After being removed from Qantas flight, The Veronicas deny wrongdoing | Free Press from USA

After being removed from Qantas flight, The Veronicas deny wrongdoing

After being removed from Qantas flight, The Veronicas deny wrongdoing

Morgan Hines


Published 9:07 AM EDT Sep 24, 2019

Pop singers Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, known as The Veronicas, were removed from a Qantas Airways domestic flight in Sydney by police on Sunday.

The women were disruptive and refused to follow crew instructions, a Qantas spokesperson told USA TODAY Monday. As a result, they were escorted off the aircraft.

The incident began when the sisters were asked to adjust their bags in the overhead bin. Because of their height, they asked a flight attendant to help them, according to the BBC.

While the two “Untouched” musicians stand at just over five feet tall, the crew refused and claimed it was against company policy to assist with the bags in that way.

So instead, a fellow passenger offered to help.

“A passenger helped us to resituate the bags with no issue,” they said in a Tweet. “The police were called because we asked for the Crew’s names, and instead of giving them to us, they told us they were calling ‘security’. We had no idea what was going on.”

The two also took to Instagram to clarify what happened from their end.

In a post, they called the incident “incredibly intimidating and confusing,” and said that they cooperated with the authorities and exited the aircraft without disruption.

They said in the post that they are taking legal action in response to the incident. 

And while the duo wrote that they won’t make any further comments at this time, others have.

On social media, other passengers of Qantas Flight 516 have responded to what happened. 

Matt Day, who said he was a passenger on the flight, responded to The Veronicas on Twitter. 

He said that he was on the flight and there was “nothing belligerent” about how the sisters were acting.

“The QANTAS crew decided they wanted to flex their muscles & were totally over the top,” he wrote. “Funny thing is while they were explaining ‘Policy’ other members of the crew were moving other peoples bags.”

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A Twitter user with the handle @DamanCole tweeted at the Veronicas claiming that he was onboard as well, and seconded Day’s statement.

He believes Qantas overreacted.

“I was a few rows back and witnessed the whole incident,” he wrote. “Their decision was an overreach and affected every person on that flight.”

Qantas said the sisters were put on a later flight to Brisbane.

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